Take your passion for fitness to the next level in as little as three months with a canfitpro Personal Training certification. 

It’s time to start earning real money for doing what you love.
Complete the course in 3 months, or take your time and learn when it’s convenient.
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You can become fully certified for as low as $549. For many trainers, the certification pays for itself after the first 10 sessions delivered.
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canfitpro is Canada’s most trusted Personal Training certification.
Industry Leader
Follow Your Calling
Become a certified Personal Trainer with canfitpro. Through a combination of online training, in-person classes, and exam, you can become a certified personal trainer through the country's most reputable organization. This give you the ability to start a new full-time career in the personal training industry, or earn side income doing what you love. 
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We'll send along a detailed package with everything you need to know about becoming a certified personal trainer. 
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A canfitpro certified trainer for 8 years, Fyonna has been improving the health and wellness of others for the past two decades. With clients ranging from an Arnold's World competitor in arm wrestling to a 91 year old retired colonel, the end goal is always the same, help people achieve their personal goals.
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